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We listen to our clients. 

Schedule a visit and Rain City Roofers we'll check out your homes current roof conditions. Rain City Roofers will go over roofing options, materials and life of those materials, and suggestions on elements described below. 


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Moisture and Leaks

Mother Nature during her finest to hurt homes with rain, wind, ice, snow, hail and other debris. These elements and more can lead to moisture getting through layers of roof and causing havoc with mold, leaks and rot.

Still Water, Ponding Water

Ponds a pool of still water is a notable sign of problems. Most common causes improper drainage, debris buildup.

Flashing Mistakes from old installation

Flashing is the sealing of penetrations, (flu, sky lights, pipes, HVAC systems.) Flashing improperly installed is a vent hold for moistures minor or major. Makes those holes seamless for a sold roof.


Roof, attic ventilation is essential to making a roof last. It's the ventilation for structure for proper installation for your attic to breath. Letting the warm air to escape and the cool air to be brought up from the bottom. Left unmanage the moistures and temperatures can get out of hand. Causing a wide amount of damage. 

Shrinkage and Sweltering

Shrinkage most likely will cause damage to the roofs membrane. Sweltering, gapping, tearing the roof membrane, erosion of shingles will likely lead to more problems.

Animal Life

Animals moving in, can lead to damage, Best to have them taking care of asap, before they become they damage something protecting your home.

Poor and Faulty Installation of any product

Can greatly reduce life expectancy, damage area's and more it was suppose to protect, also can avoid warranty's on many products besides insur.

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